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Solution: extensible search and overview

Imagine that documents where as powerful as databases, or databases as simple as documents. Actually standards are bringing them closer together and we got the knowledge how to use this. The glue is metadata and can be used with most standard applications today. This won't affect your own environment but just to strengthen it.

Metadata in documents is actually quite simple, and it is the best from two worlds of:

Metadata are description fields within documents that:

The potential is limitless, especially if you can use documents with metadata across organisations.

This is the knowledge and these are the technologies we provide for you:

Intranet: Categorize and follow documents

  • Using Microsoft Forms in Word for instant access
  • Using Corpus to get an overview of documents and processes

Internet: Search using precise attributes or free text

  • Compare Corpus to ordinary search engines
  • Precise results

Networks: Overviews and navigation with Corpus

  • Share knowledge with partners or customers
  • Create a profitable network rather than the usual portal