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Open, User friendly, document oriented information software.

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Resources for developers and users experienced in aspects of information and knowledge management.

Open source

We deliver lost of open source, licensed under GPL and LGPL to assure a long term open and knowledge sharing relation with our customers and fellow developers. See cvsweb at /cgi-bin/cvsweb.cvs/ and downloads under /software/build/



leafLegacy software and support

We provide support and deal with special concerns in business solutions, integrations and frameworks. These parts are not open source but open in other ways since they are integrated with open source parts and offer clear frameworks for further development and deployment:


In progress: (read about them in our newsfeed)

Join in and make things even better

Software development is a process where You can participate in:

  • evaluation of solutions
  • exchange of experiences
  • direct changes in development
This process is works better when it is open, firendly and goal oriented.
Use our support forum to get solutions and share ideas in knowledge management.

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