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Creating creative perspectives

jonas bossonInformation is vast, learning is divine. I like to open horizons, to explore and create means to learn even more. To accomplish this, we need to understand descriptions to manage many perspectives on information.

This page is about my ideas, interests and projects (see more under book ). Despite all thinking and programming, sharing is the only way to really get cracking. So if you find anything useful and like to share your ideas, please contact me . Maybe our minds can connect for business or just fun.

My TO DO list right now:

  • Find good international networks
  • Make more of our software open source
  • Release version 10 of our search engine (Corpus-X)
  • Lobby for good and fair protection of intellectual property
  • Create showcases for some other projects like:
    • our open source accounting
    • our work flow management and information management initiatives
  • Publish more on sourceforge/
  • Work as a good community spirit with my partners/customers/users
  • Develop even more useful tools

My interests are many , but my efforts seem to go into:

  • Building a software company (since 1997)
  • Solutions for sharing knowledge and improving information structures. (Semantic Web tools)
  • Building languages for computing and virtual realities

Things I am extremely proud over

  • Awarded for best innovation in 1999 by NUTEK (SNITS-award) by the Swedish Government
  • My software being used and bought by Ericsson, Scania, the Swedish police and Stockholm University
  • My work with super computers and graphics when studying for M.Sc at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm


  • Efficiency, getting the work done. (I am the 'Field Marshall' in the Mayer-Briggs test.)
  • I enjoy teaching and study new things
  • Programming in several types of languages
  • Sketching, structuring, overviews, perspectives and connections


  • Modeling i.e. architecture and art. (Drawing and structuring ideas.)
  • Game theories and rules
  • Travel