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Need a experienced advice or a fast start? Need to get on track with the new system integration?
Then you could always call on us to save the day!

Agile development and evaluation

We have experience in development from planning and documentation , to hands on programming and testing . Our customers range from the Police to Stockholm University, from NGO:s to Ericsson, from finanical industry to entertainment.

We have experience with:

References for Illuminet & Jonas Bosson:

Paul Gratwick, Manager Information Management, Inter IT Konsult

“Jonas and I put together a proposal for a metadata standard for common business information and worked with SIS to get approval for it. Although we did not succeed in gaining approval, it was extremely stimulating to work together with Jonas. His quick mind and extensive imagination provide many ideas and his lack of prestige makes him a pleasure to work with.” February 26, 2009

Emil Wikström CEO, Ewkonsult

“Jonas is a committed software entreprenuer who keeps in touch with new technologies.” July 3, 2007

Christian Vejrich Senior Java Developer, Firstrater AB

“I'm glad to have had the opportunity to work with Jonas, his motivation, strong knowledge and profound interested in technology made it a pleasure to have him as manager. Jonas have the Sun Tzu approach; Analytical, Decisive and Humble with a sharp business mind.”, July 8, 2010

Network of experts and doers

Wide range of partners in development. For more information get in contact with us: jonas (AT) illuminet se