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IllumiNet AB

IllumiNet AB is a Swedish company in Stockholm, developing semantic web software and working hands on with development and support for clients.

Please contact us for further company information: info AT

We develop, implement and support.

Contact: Jonas Bosson

Illuminet AB
Tulegatan 3, 5tr
11358 Stockholm


IllumiNet was founded in 1997 by Jonas Bosson and Hendrik Norgren in a response to a growing need to offer better navigation and search on websites. Our first customer was the five large universities/institutes in Stockholm, where we created a cross domain search service with metadata and grouping of large domains of information called Corpus.

The first live version of Corpus was ready in 1998, since then corpus and other tools have been in use in serveral organizations. We continue to evolve, integrating with several search tools and platforms.

Or mission has been to to create overviews for information using open standards and networked solutions. Read more history here.

Previous offices were at:
1997 KTH, (Royal Institute of Technology) and Stockholm University. 2000 Skeppsbron 36, Stockholm. 2004 Narvavägen 32, Stockholm. 2006 Heleneborgsg. 34, Stockholm.